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Getting back into the swing…

We are finally settled in the new house, things are mostly put away (a few cases of wine, a couple boxes of books and there’s still nothing on the walls but paint).  I really need to get back to writing a bit – it’s good for me to sort through my thoughts.

About 2 weeks ago, the hubby and I got back on the healthy train.  For us, that means lots of fruit, veggies, lean protein, and whole grains.  Most of our splurging is in the form of alcohol – my latest obsession is Angry Orchard ginger apple cider – and hubby’s is low fat egg nog spiked with Pendleton Whiskey.  We’ve already lost pounds despite boozing, and so the journey to be healthier begins again.

Considering the year we have had, my net gain of 10 pounds (on my already heavy body) is actually a victory.  I’m a comfort eater in the worst way.  Chips when I’m anxious, ice cream when I’m missing my Dad, fried fatty foods when I’m feeling lonely or unsure of myself.  Cheese has always been a good listener.  I’ve been known to eat until I’ve put myself into a food coma that rivals a Thanksgiving afternoon just to numb out my feelings.  I guess if my stomach is stretched so tight it hurts, then I don’t have to feel anything else.

Now that a significant amount of my stress has been lifted – I dumped a very high pressure wine sales job and took a very very low pressure part-time job at my local grocery store – and we are settled into our house, I feel like I can breathe a little easier.  I can take time to take care of myself.  That includes blogging, cooking, feeling my feelings and reinstating healthy habits.  Eat real food, move more.

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